Get to know us

IRD Fuel Cells

At IRD Fuel Cells, we are devoted to production of fuel cell components.

A highly skilled team

We have been in the business since 1996, and our highly skilled team comprises people with many different backgrounds – and since the beginning we have been striving for the same goal: To develop and ensure a sustainable future.

We have a vision of being acknowledged as the leading supplier of unlimited energy solutions of the future, by offering tailor-made strategic components with focus on lowering the total cost of energy.

R & D

Research & Development— Since the beginning in 1996, the backbone of our company has been innovation and a strong pioneering spirit.Still research and development are among our most important core competencies.

Product development

Our dedicated researchers are continuously working on improving our existing products:

  • We are actively involved in internal R&D and collaboration with international research groups
  • We work proactively with customers and engage to constantly improve performance, price and quality
  • We offer R&D Contract work using a team of superior MEA and coating specialists

To us, every step is an important step in the further development of the unlimited energy solution that contributes to stopping climate change.

IRD Group

IRD has a global footprint established in Europe, North America and China.

IRD engages with international activities taking part in the development of eco-friendly energy technologies.

Where are we

  • Headquarter: Denmark, Europe
  • US: Albuquerque, NM, USA
  • Commercial & sales office: Palo alto, CA, USA
  • Commercial sales: China
What we do

IRD fuel cells produce “State– of– the-art” 3–7 layer MEA and mold “In–shape” BPP

BPP — Flow plates

We offer excellent electrical and thermal conductivity at competitive prices using state-of the-art flow plate design, combined with carefully selected raw material compounds and mass production.

MEA — membrane electrode assembly

Thanks to our knowledge and continuous development, we can now offer 3-, 5-, and 7-layer MEAs with increased power density and durability and reduced catalyst loading.

IRD Fuel Cells

Mission & Vision


To make IRD the most value adding partner for fuel cells companies in selected segments by offering tailor-made strategic components with focus on lowering the total cost of energy.

Engage with partners and customers in strategic long term partnerships.


IRD Fuel Cells sets the Global Benchmark of Excellence to become the preferred independent component supplier to the global fuel cells industry

Core solutions

IRD Fuel Cells sells, manufactures components while focusing on customer specific solutions.


Cars, buses, material handling

Backup power

Generators and compact charging devices


Homes and commercial buildings


Hydrogen generation and energy storage

We believe in the creation of a sustainable world — performed positively through technology innovation.

Customer centric

  • IRD Fuel Cells actively strives for Top of the Class results impacting positively on your revenues and bottom lines.
  • IRD Fuel Cells success is mirrored in your success through the results achieved together.
  • IRD Fuel Cells aims to fulfill your technology vision ensuring highest order of quality, performance, durability and efficient delivery.

Comercial scalable

  • IRD Fuel Cells main focus is scalable solutions supporting customers suc- cessful growth.
  • All customers are unique but having trust in IRDs core component solutions is common.
  • Providing a commercially scalable plat- form IRD Fuel Cells proactively lowers the total cost of power.

Innovating technology

  • IRD Fuel Cells believes in the creation of a sustainable world - performed pos- itively through technology innovation.
  • IRD Fuel Cells develops critical compo- nents ensuring transparency, flexibility and integrity in every development cycle.
  • Leveraged through an extensive eco- system of partnerships, internal tech- nological processes are fostering incre- mental and disruptive innovation.

Staying power

  • IRD Fuel Cells founded in 1996 has more than 20 years of experience in the fuel cell sector.
  • The evolution of IRD Fuel Cells has happened simultaneously with the industry evolving from a R&D company into a leading provider of commercially scalable core components.
  • As the industry complexity grows IRD Fuel Cells will proactively develop our supply chain to continue to support our customers.